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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  February 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is the car outside her house. >> there you go. >> got another picture with a ruler in it. that's at the madison culpeper border there southwest of us. and they got some snow falling there. got other reports in western loudoun of an inch or two. so we're watching it well west of us. and those areas are picking up the wet snow and in fact loudoun county is on a two hour delay the morning due to the wet snow that's falling and that's where we have the winter weather advisories and melissa, thank you and she sent those to me through facebook. so pleasant find me on facebook. -- please find me on facebook or twitter. we got the rain this morning. this afternoon, fewer showers maybe a peek or two of sunshine becoming breezy as well. high 40 to 45. but the snow this morning out west where we've got winter weather advisories from fauquier county now. loudoun county, montgomery, howard, north and west. ijamsville reporting some wet snow and storm system north and storm system south and it's a southern one that's going to
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clobber new england when it combines with the northern one. just cold enough to the west this little area of wet snow out to winchester and strasburg, tom's brook those areas and mount jackson and the shenandoah valley and watch it in frederick, could have a few slick spots but most of the roads we're hearing are wet. with more on that here comes monika samtani and timesaver traffic. you want to be careful especially as you saw coming south on 270 out of frederick and far west as well. let's take a look closer in. no problems to report as you travel in from cheverly on the bw parkway and route 50. heading into the northeast corridor you should be okay right now. a little bit of slow traffic here on 295 leaving the 11th street bridge but no big deals all the lanes are open. the beltway looks good here in prince george's county as well. a live look outside, show you what it looks like here, this is new york avenue at bladensburg road and as i said coming in through cheverly this is what you have to deal with. the roads are wet. back over to the maps this time we'll head over to the north side of town. again as howard said coming out of frederick you might want to be a little bit careful with
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the snow coming down and wet road conditions. once beyond the frederick area and sugar loaf mountain you should be okay heading into clarksburg right now. the time to the beltway at river road. west side of town looks good between 270 and tysons corner. andrea and mike? a search is underway in annapolis. that's where a mother is charged can killing her 2-year- old daughter. >> police believe that mother then threw her own child's body into the trash. wusa9 reporter delia goncalves has more from our satellite center. hard to imagine story delia. >> reporter: tough story to share with you this morning. police though pretty confident that they will find this girl's guide but there's no telling -- body but there's no telling how long the search will take because they have several tons of trash to sift through. let's take a look at video. it is heart-breaking when you see this sweet little face. kassidey booth. she was just 2 years old. police say this woman, 25-year- old chelsea booth confessed to smothering the little girl to
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death and then dumping her body in a dumpster behind the apartment complex in annapolis. if the body was indeed dumped detectives have identified a waste management facility in jessup and a rail car specifically where the trash was transferred. investigators began their search after a concerned neighbor called police. the girl has not been seen -- had not been seen in a couple of days. >> this happened maybe early this week. monday, tuesday possibly. mother at first had a plausible story about the child being elsewhere. you know, but we continued to follow up. and were able to confirm that the child was not where she said it was. and continued questioning her. >> reporter: it is hard honestly to call this woman a mother. considering the treatment of this child. and what she confessed to police they say after they continued to question her. they say she confessed rather to smothering this little girl to death and then dumping her body. we know according to records that we searched up online.
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she does have a brief criminal record. some drug history. some demostic violence charges -- domestic violence charges that may have been dropped in the past and some paternity issues. a second child we know of. we don't know the status of that child but we know that this woman is behind bars. she'll be in court a little later today and we'll follow up this story throughout the day. back to you. mike andrea. >> all right delia goncalves with the very difficult story to report from our satellite center. thanks delia. other news now. a teenager is dead and police now have a cab driver in custody after a hit and run crash last night in oxon hill, maryland. the victim was walking in the 4700 block of wheeler road when he was hit. witnesses describe the vehicle as a cab and they told police the driver had headed south towards southern avenue's metro station. that's where officers arrested that driver. a judge has decided to keep hearings into the 2001 chandra levy case closed to the press
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and public. cbs news has reported those hearings have something to do with one of the prosecution's witnesses in ingmar guandique's murder trial. he was convicted of killing levy. he is currently serving a 60 year sentence. the judge says details eventually will be made public. the district of columbia's ethics board says it found substantial evidence that d.c. council member jim graham violated the city's code of conduct when he intervened in award ago lottery contract. the board says it's not pursuing the matter any further because it has no authority to punish him. graham strongly denies any wrongdoing. 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> good morning jessica doyle. >> good morning, we've got some high hopes on this friday morning heading into the last trading session of the week. we'd like to change the tone. wall street estral lay pushed us to -- wall street's rally really stalled out this week. we have some good news to
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report this morning though. linkedin's quarterly profits soared past estimates. we have some economic data due out later today. checking the numbers for you -- even though it's friday, feeling a little tense maybe a little anxious this morning? probably not the caffeine you're drinking right now. that doesn't necessarily help. a new survey by the american psychological association finds money, work, the economy, the top triggers for common stress. and the millennials came in as the most stressed out group. 18 to 33-year-olds dealing with getting a job, starting a family and repaying all the student loans. this will stress you out too. getting your cell phone stolen can d.c. police chief -- and d.c. police chief lanier says the ecoatm that give you cash for the old cell phones they are increasing theft in the
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district. she spoke on wtop's and the chief show yesterday and thinks 30% to 33% of the phones recycled by the atms are actually stolen. she's working with the company on a solution. cell phone theft made up 40% of all robberies in d.c. last year. it's part of the reason this has become a major platform for her and she says tourists are really at risk in washington, d.c.. they go to restaurants and leave their cell phones on the table and people can walk by and just lift them. they leave them in their pockets and of course we walk and text. somebody picks it up and like runs by and grabs it and they're off. >> they have the thefts on metro and it's impossible to go after them. they talk about bricking. trying to go through that thing so your phone will disable itself and they can't use it. >> it's interesting they think that number is high. 30%. when you have to show a thumbprint you can fake an id. but a thumbprint? >> there clearly is a dispute with the d.c. police department
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statistics and ecoatm statistics because they're saying this is not the case. it's interesting to see that divide on this every. >> what do you have in the next half hour. >> a reason why local workers going to want to reevaluate that rainy day funds over the next couple of months. you really want the look at the personal finances this weekend. the next hearing for cia director john brennan already much quieter, that story is coming up. >> this one is an identified flying object. it's headed to the earth. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> ahead in sports why it doesn't pay to be ranked number one in college basketball. at least this season. we'll be back.
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welcome back. 5:120 on this friday morning -- 5:10 on this friday morning. we have some rain and wet snow especially west of route 15. viewer reported to me that their roommate warrenton and it was snowing and at the prince george's county it was raining.
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we've got the rain in d.c.. a cold rain even up in gaithersburg. the snow west this morning. tapering to showers afternoon. highs 40 to 45. monika? even with just the wet road conditions, we've got a couple of accidents. first of all, on the ramp from northbound route 5 branch avenue to the outer loop of the beltway. watch out for the accident. the other one's down in upper marlboro. route 301 northbound blocking the left lane after croom station road. in landover traffic is moving well. back with more details in a few minutes. back to you mike. at 5:11 here's a look at what's new this morning. a massive man hunt is understood way for a former los angeles -- underway for a former los angeles police officer already accused of killing three people and wounding two other officers. officials found christopher dorner's burned out truck near a ski resort. he posted an online manifesto warning he was going to target officers he considered racist and abusive. president obama's pick for cia director faces another
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senate hearing next tuesday. but it will be closed to discuss classified topics. thursday, security removed code pink protestors who disturbed brennan's testimony. john brennan is considered the architect of the administration's drone program. nasa says a small near earth asteroid is going to flybys our planet a -- fly past our planet a week from today. it is 150 feet in diameter and will come about 17,000-miles from earth. it's not going to hit us but the asteroid is going to pass inside something called the ring of geosynchronous weather communication satellites. they're not sure if it's going to goof up the satellites or not. this morning we're getting pushed by the -- brushed by the storm that's predicted to be a record breaker for the northeast. >> but once it moves out it's going to be a
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. our weather is not going to be as bad as in the upper northeast and new england. but we are seeing some effects of it right now. to our delays in shenandoah and loudoun for schools there this morning. schools in culpeper, virginia are closed. >> fauquier county also just got in word they got closed. we're watching that. that's some snow out to the west of us. we're dealing with a cold rain. most of the snow has been light sticking on grassy surfaces but there are few areas like in
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reva, virginia where i showed you earlier they have almost 4 inches of snow and that's on the culpeper and madison county line. pockets of heavy wet snow to the west. this morning we're dealing with a cold rain in d.c.. it's a cold rain in gaithersburg. ijamsville's got that snow rain sleet mix going up there from our weather watchers. temperatures will be climbing toward 40 by 9:00 in d.c.. and that may be a little optimistic. but i think our highs in the low 40s today reasonable. 40 to even 45 as we could see some sunshine in spots this afternoon. as the big storm passes us headed on its way to new england. where they're expecting an epic historic snowstorm. all the areas in orange from new york city to boston, all of connecticut and rhode island blizzard warnings there. we have winter storm warnings in white and then winter weather advisories much closer to home and they go until 10:00 this morning and we've had an amendment to the winter weather advisory. now it includes southern fawningier and culpeper -- fauquier and culpeper. they've expanded it just a
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little bit. reports even down in bealton of some snow mixing in but the roads generally just wet there. west of town where we're seeing some of the roads actually get snow-covered. big storm north. big storm south. and they're just going to come together. too far north and east for us snow lovers but maybe that's a good thing when you're talking about 2 plus feet of snow in areas. there's the snow out west from winchester down towards oh charlottesville through the shenandoah valley and some of the higher country out to the west. southern frederick county, northern montgomery even, damascus, clarksburg out to dickerson likely seeing that snow as well now. we've got snow across much of loudoun county especially the western part of the county. fauquier too. extreme northern prince william county. bealton reported a little bit of snow. culpeper and madison seeing the snow on the ground and the bands of more moderate rain headed to southern maryland where temperatures are just holding in the mid- to upper
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30s, barely above freezing from la plata to andrews. 32 frederick. leesburg too. these are the areas we're going to have to really watch. right now 34 and feeling like 27 be a cold rain and i just want to show you this storm one more time. some areas in and around here 20 to 30-inches of snow. i think even locally higher than that. here's our forecast. today 43. a.m. rain. snow west and northwest with afternoon showers. 30 tonight. it's going to turn windy with mid 20s north and west. 39 tomorrow. windy in the morning. lighter in the afternoon. a milder sunday with highs in the mid 40s. prince william county now reporting a two hour delay. prince william just coming in. by monday, we're back to 54. wet and mild and a nicer day tuesday with highs in the low 50s. let's check in with monika now. timesaver traffic. and we've got a lot of rain out there and some snow. so we're also talking about west in gainesville right howard on 66 especially. west of gainesville is where you really want to be careful
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even on the interstates this morning as howard's been telling us. fauquier, culpeper all of the roads in those areas affected by the snow. coming inbound though on 270, and the beltway, north of town, we want to be careful out of frederick and then closer in you're okay. it's just the wet road conditions although we had a vehicle slip into the guardrail on the outer loop after connecticut avenue a little earlier this morning. so still the rain is a concern. let's take a live look at 270. up north at route 109, this is where your brake lights are going to begin already. even though it's friday morning i think a lot of you are deciding to get an early start and that's the reason for this already this morning. let's go back to the maps this time heading in from the west as we said west of gainesville. want to be most careful on 66. and a live look one more time this time at 66 at route 50 which is still pretty light heading into 123 and vienna. back to you andrea and mike. we have another addition far school closing. prince william county. >> prince william county is closed because of the snow this
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morning. two hour delay prince william county. >> right two hour delay prince william county. maryland faces one of its cross border rivals. >> the caps try to get a win against the despised penguins. we've got highlights coming up next. >> now let's take another look at the question of the morning on our facebook page -- >> jim cowan wrote on our facebook fan page -- >> okay jim. >> log on to the facebook fan page. what do you think? we want to know. we'll have the answer in
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first, want to talk about radar this morning because west of town we've got snow. i just got a report from a friend on facebook, a viewer who said in ricksyville, they've had 3 inches. reva had 4 inches this. this is the area that's really seeing the bulk of the snow heading up this way. there are areas northwestern montgomery county, frederick county even reporting that wintry mix. we'll watch that now eventually tapering into showers and highs today 40 to 45. good morning everybody.
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the washington capitals need a serious jolt of life here pretty soon or even this shortened season will just be a complete wash. last night against their hated rivals the caps had a chance to redeem themselves provided the season isn't over just yet. visiting pittsburgh homing for a better showing. if it wasn't for the second period the game might actually be close, the penguins had five goals in the second period. two of them within ten seconds of each other. by this third it was just then way too late. the caps lose this one 5-2. maryland looking for their first road win in the acc. taking on virginia tech. terps on the break. jake layman with the big three from the right side. he had 14. eric green the nation's leading scorer had a huge night. 29 points for the hokies' senior including this three. does well with the big three late. terps hold on for a 60-55 win. and the best last night was
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in champagne, illinois. game tied at 72. top-ranked indiana inexplicably forgets about tyler griffey who hits the game-winning bucket at the buzzer. the rankings are shuffling once again. that's your morning sports, i'm kristen berset. have a great day. a big sporting event this weekend will help fight breast cancer. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. >> under the heading you can't be too careful with snow coming. good luck trying to get a flight to the northeast later today.
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good morning, 5:28. it may not be a good morning for people in they're trying to get to the northeast at least by airplane. we've got a serious storm up there. in the works, howard will tell us more about that in a moment. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, it also means a lot of flights are going to be canceled in and
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around the east coast but even for the west coast coming to the east coast. traffic? >> lots of accidents by the way. >> already. right to howard. >> we've got snow out west but then all sorts of delays and even a couple of closures, warren, virginia closed. page, virginia two hours delayed. frederick, virginia. frederick, virginia two hour delay. >> the new one. >> howard, maryland. two hour delay. prince william two hours, fauquier is closed. culpeper closed as i see it right now. this is this culpeper county. i appreciate this picture here from james lynch. that's about 3 inches of wet snow on his deck he woke up this morning. you can see the snow west of town moving up into frederick county, maryland and one thing about howard county they're getting some reports also in the northwestern part of the county here of some of the snow mixing in and the wet spots. reports of snow down to bealtop as well as culpeper: around here cold rain and you see to
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our south, some pockets of heavier rain lifting toward us. but we're watching the snow now into dickerson. urbanna, frederick. leesburg especially western loudoun county seeing it worse than eastern loudoun county. i believe the snow goes more into fauquier county than we're seeing you right -- showing you right now. and especially west and those moderate rain bands the heavy rain bands coming in from the northern neck in towards southern maryland. temperatures are critical. it's freezing in frederick and leesburg and westminster and all of these areas even orange right here winchester, that's where we could have the slick spots this morning. i've been talking with monika before she came out and she's telling me we have smirches thanks to the weather now. she's here now with timesaver traffic to tell you more. and specifically affecting 66 basically between the plains and haymarket. is where you want to be most careful. we're getting word from authorities there that there are multiple accidents. they're in the serious but -- not serious but multiple accidents because of the slipping and sliding obviously the snow is sticking to the road and everything's being moved to the shoulder but you
5:31 am
will find much heavier than normal traffic coming in from the west because of that in towards gainesville as well. once in manassas it seems to be pretty normal the roads are just wet in towards centerville. but again out west, as howard's been telling us this morning, that's where you want to be most careful and obviously all the secondary roads as well. let's go outside live. this is what it looks hike coming in from centreville on the inbound side just that normal slow stuff forming at this part of the morning rush hour on a friday morning. let's go back over to the maps this time heading in from southern maryland. we had a few little accidents. one on route 301 near the station road up in upper marlboro. another live look outside, this time over at the beltway in oxon hill. mike and andrea? thank you moon k. it is -- monika. it is 5:32 just about. you're probably breathing a sigh of relief when you heard the predicted snowfall totals are mostly up for the northeast. >> exactly. power companies are busy preparing for possible massive
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power outages, crews have been doubled checking supplies like transformers wires and repair equipment and then moving into the equipment into position. that way repair trucks will be ready to go late today or over the weekend when the weight of the snow starts bringing down power lines and trees. >> we don't expect that this would be as bad as like a hurricane sandy. however having said that we are always preparing for the worst. hoping for the best. and we have everyone on standby ready to go. >> some of the areas that were hit by hurricane sandy are worried it's been just over three months since the superstorm knocked out power to 600,000 people just in connecticut. now, awful. simply horrible story this morning. an annapolis mother is scheduled to make her first court appearance on charges she killed her own 2-year-old named kassidey. police say chelsea booth threw
5:33 am
the remains in a daughter. they are now searching at a waste management facility in jessup. police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in capitol heights maryland this morning. the victim was first brought to the fire house on jesse road. they tell us it was too late. so far police have not released any more information about a possible motive or any suspects in the case. metro train riders should prepare for delays this weekend. red line trains will share a single track between shady grove and twin brook. on the orange line, trains will single track between ballston and west fall church and between stadium armory and cheverly. it starts tonight at 10:00 and runs through closing sunday night. all right, it is 5:33. time for another your money report. >> and jessica doyle is back and she says you may want to spend some time this weekend looking at your finances. >> that's right it is very important at any time to know how much money you have coming in and going out. but many of us really don't have all that good of an idea what the budget actually looks
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like and they don't follow that it closely. but this is a time you need to move into a mode that personal financial guru suze orman calls live below your means but within your needs and here's why. because as the automatic federal spending cuts plan to trigger on march 1st residents better prepare for furloughs and layoffs and you need to know what you're going to do with your money if this happens to you. if congress doesn't stop it. sequestration will slash $85 billion from federal budgets through april 30th. that's part of the cuts expected over the next decade. federal agencies have to cut up to 10% from their budgets and that's why the defense department plans to four low starting in april -- furlough starting in april. employees would stay home without pay one day each week essentially a 20% pay cut. other agencies including the faa and national parks are talking about furloughs to tens of thousands. and it's no surprise private companies in the washington area that serve the government are also expected to furlough or cut jobs or pay. and we've already seen a
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pullback in our local economy. this is not a new thing over the past 20 months, the washington area has lost up to 8900 federal positions and the region is no longer one of the top economies in the country. now ranking in the middle of the pack for cities nationwide. so knowing all this, and knowing congress might at the last second step in with another quick fix, this is what you need to do this weekend. you need to check your rainy day fund. ideally you need six months of expenses in there and you need to figure out where you can cut from your bills if all of a sudden you get furloughed and lose your job and you take a pay cut. first place to look is entertainment. the dinners out. the movies texas concerts the -- the concerts, the vacation plans. can you butt cut back there? what about -- cut back there? what about gas, gifts charities? what you don't want to do is spend like crazy over the next few weeks and run up the credit card bills and especially if you don't know what's going to happen at work. you know and even if there's a last-minute solution. this is a c. change for our
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economy. things are not going to automatically be great just because we have the federal government here. in fact we're frontal going to look at -- probably going to look at more of a depressed economic activity because of the federal government. >> well, that's good for friday. >> right. >> good advice though. good advice. that's right. prepare and it will be easier on you. >> that and you said take out and look at the taxes for this weekend. so if we have bad weather spend it indoors. thanks jess. and jess will be back in just a couple of minutes to unveil, she has some friday daily deals for us, good news. >> and still ahead
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welcome back. 5:38 on this raw, raw friday morning. we've got some snow west of town. even 3, 4 inches across parts
5:39 am
of culpeper county this morning. many delays and closings out there that way. the snow west to northwest. otherwise, that will taper just to a few showers this afternoon. chilly with highs in the low 40s for the most part. and then the winds pick up tonight. more on the weekend forecast and the big nor'easter in a few minutes. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. if you want to be most careful as howard's been telling us all morning, inbound on i-66 basically between the plains and haymarket, over here on 395 things seem to be pretty normal. just wet road conditions from landmark up toward the 14th street bridge. jess back to you. thank you monika. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. and here are some of the favorites on this friday. get immersed in japanese culture and you don't have to even leave d.c.. living social's offering a sumo sushi and sake experience. what does that mean? you get dinner and a chance to watch sumo wrestlers battle for
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>> our facebook friend jean wrote -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll have the answer in about an hour. still ahead, an area chef is here andrea to help us celebrate mardi gras. >> at carnivale. >> how, and in today's buddy check 9 report. how hundreds of breast cancer survivors and their supporters are cycling for survival this weekend. >> all right celebrity birthday time --
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>> and we'd like to get an early start in wishing our colleague jessica doyle a very happy birthday. it's her birthday. it's on the 9th tomorrow. happy birthday jess. enjoy the day.
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welcome back to wusa9. 5:45. the list of school closings and delays growing especially in the virginia area. >> yeah, clark county two hour delay. rappahannock is closed today. winchester city, one hour. and in -- one hour. in winchester there's the one difference. and jefferson county, west virginia on a two hour delay. the list is growing out west where the snow has been falling this morning. upwards of 3 to 4 inches of snow across parts of culpeper county. western loudoun an inch to 2
5:46 am
now and we've got some of the snow west of town and d.c. east and southeast it's just a cold raw miserable rainy start. here's a look at the day planner today. and you're looking at reagan national. light rain out there. just out on the weather terrace a moment ago. we're going to have that a.m. rain and snow west. northwest of us we've got the snow too. some afternoon showers. a chilly day highs between 40 and 45. here's a picture sent about an hour ago and telling me maybe 4.25 now. this is out of reva. virginia and i have to thank melissa owen jones for sending that. that's a lot of that. again you're looking at the rain in re began national. winter weather advisories -- reagan national. winter weather advisories been expanded now. so we're watching that as well montgomery county's in it and loudoun is in it and everybody north and west. winter storm warnings, pennsylvania, jersey and new york state. everything in orange from new york city to boston, blizzard warnings for later today and tonight into saturday morning. going to be an epic storm for them. the snow habenalling west and
5:47 am
generally -- has been falling west generally west of route 15 if you will and then we're watching the bands of rain from the south moving in. in northern montgomery. we're seeing that mix of snow and rain and sleet. into parts of howard too. that's why they've got a two hour delay in howard county. frederick back toward loudoun especially western loudoun seeing it. when you get the fauquier county, now you've got some problems too. but this is all lifting to the north and probably not picking up a little bit of the snow in toward charlestown as well and it goes into the shenandoah valley as well where we're getting some reports for a little bit of coating even on the road surface there and there's your more moderate rain now. waldorf south into the northern neck. prince frederick, st. mary's county, mechanicsville all headed your way with temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. and andrews is hovering near freezing but we're at 34. it's 35 in annapolis. leesburg is freezing along with frederick and winchester. so this is where you really got to watch for some of the slick spots on the area roads. outside it is just a raw
5:48 am
morning. as we look at our current conditions of 34 with the light rain showers feeling like 27 thanks to that north northeast wind at 8. but that wind is really going to howl once this storm moves north. takes the energy from the western system and deepens those winds tonight could be cranking to over 40 miles an hour and some gusts with some snow showers. here's the timetable. western maryland, we'll get toward noon and out west we're drying out. big storms cranking offshore which this thing is headed for new england. perhaps a shower or two this afternoon. and a few snow showers tonight before we clear out and the snow just pounds these areas overnight through early afternoon on saturday. 20, 3-inches of snow -- 30- inches of snow not out of the question. 43 today the morning rain, the snow west. afternoon showers and windy tonight and saturday. 39 saturday. 46 on sunday. needless to say today is a yellow alert for you weather- wise. we have a better sunday at 46 but monday more wet weather but
5:49 am
mild. back in the 50s. monika? you're busy. it's busy and for anyone heading into the northeast corridor leaving washington, you'll want to know about conditions at the airport. our delia goncalves is at reagan national. delia? >> reporter: monika we just pulled up to the airport here. but take a look out here. this is about the busiest that i've seen the airport at this early hour. perhaps a lot of the folks and the cabbies dropping off people heading to the airport trying to get out before this storm really strikes. but lots of cancellations so far. we've canceled about 12 heading to new york. eight heading up to boston. we'll have much more details coming up at 6:00. back to you monika. >> thanks so much delia. and closer in you want to know that 66 is severely affected out west letting to the gainesville area with the road conditions deteriorating. the snow is sticking to the ground. also route 50 west of route 17, we just got word of an accident
5:50 am
route 17 winchester road. now closer in you can see the traffic is getting heavy coming in from i would say the fairfax area through vienna right now. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like on the northbound side of i-95 and again usually friday mornings i call it friday morning light. not this morning. i think a lot of people have decided to get an early start and it slows down 644 heading up towards springfield as well. you want to watch out and give yourself some distance and some extra time. andrea back to you. thank you monika. tomorrow is the ninth of the month but you don't have to wait until then to call your buddies. a monthly breast self-exam, annual mammogram and a visit to a doctor or nurse practitioner can make a difference when it to your breast health. we're two months into the new year. how are you doing with your resolutions? next week on valentine's day instead of chocolate, show your love by giving a beautiful basket of fruit and veggies. a new study finds micronutrients in these foods can reduce your breast cancer risk because they help keep
5:51 am
tumors from growing. something else you can do today to help fight cancer is support a special bike ride this weekend in bethesda. >> from that mirror all the way to this mirror, full of spin bikes. 130 spin bikes end over end. all facing this direction. and then three lead bikes the instructor bikes of that column. this column and that column. it is is a sea of bikes. it's unbelievable vision to behold. >> that's adina lie, d.c. metro area manager of equinox in bethesda. at least excited about hosting -- he's excited about hosting sunday's cycle for survival. nearly 200 bikes will span the entire length of the gym's second floor and riders will be cycling all day long in two shifts. >> every bike is full with people that put themselves out there to stand for the possibility for a cure for cancer. >> mary will be on one of those stationary bikes sunday. she and her 16 member team will be getting a strenuous workout and celebrating months of
5:52 am
successful fundraising to help finance therapies into rare cancers. >> my individual goal was $10,000 which i'm $35 short of at the moment. and my team goal was $30,000. and i'm at $27,361 right now. >> this is mary's second year of cycling for survival. 100% of all the funds raised will benefit the most promising research and clinical trials into rare cancers at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center in new york. it's not just a worthwhile cause for mary. it's highly personal. after being misdiagnosed in 2009 she endured nine surgeries to fight stage iii metastatic breast cancer. she still faces severe side effects from the toxic cancer treatments she received aimed at preventing a recurrence. >> i have 34 radiation treatments and i got chronic lung disease. i have heart heart damage. and if you're not strong, it's
5:53 am
not good. >> today, today that stronger determined mary is not content to just sit on the sidelines. she's fully engaged in the fight against breast cancer and all rare cancers and she's asking for your support. >> you know we're all in this together. no one beats cancer unless we all beat cancer. >> registration to be a d.c. cycle for survival team member this year is closed but you can still support team mary. make your donation to team mary until april at and again 100% of your donation will benefit research into rare cancers at memorial sloan- kettering cancer center in new york. and to see the story again click on, also at you can get a buddy check 9 kit from the georgetown lombardi cancer center. it includes two dvds for you and your buddy showing you how to do a breast self-exam. mary is an inspiration; she's
5:54 am
gone through -- >> a lot. >> oh, yeah. okay 5:54. there's a new film genre called a pharmaceutical thriller? we'll review the new movie called "side effects" coming up. >> she had a falling on the floor in "bridesmaids." part of it i didn't like all of it. we'll have a look at the new
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
and welcome back. let's take a peek at the new movies opening in theaters today. originally the leads in "identity thief" were both supposed to be men but then the director seth gordon saw melissa mccarthy in "bridesmaids" and he changed his mind. she plays a thief who steals jason bateman's identity. after a long absence our entertainment insider denise fuentes is back this morning. the movie she's seen has been described as a they willerment it's called -- thriller. it's called "side effects." what's that and what did you think? >> we normally would think it has to do a lot with taking drugs and maybe some side effects and therefore it's -- >> and mood enhancing drugs in this case right? >> you know this is steven sederberg. a lot has been said about the retirement and you know this is one of the hardest working men in hollywood. and i think one of the most diverse and best story tellers
5:58 am
in hollywood. >> and so it's a background he was the director of "traffic." >> yes. he was the director of that movie and also "contagion." he burst on to the scene with "sex, lives and videotape" and basically done almost 30 movies in this time. >> in this particular movie. roonemara is almost completely unrecognizable. >> thank goodness. in a different light. >> she almost looks like -- in this movie. >> she's perfect for the role and this is as you said it's a -- it looks like it could be a psychological thriller but the gang is back. captain jones, jude law, channing tatum. rooney mara is the new leading lady i guess and this is the first leading role after "dragon tattoo." and you have to give her credit. i think she's excellent. >> she's still depressed in this movie. >> just -- you got to see this movie because basically it takes along a path that you'd
5:59 am
be surprised at the end. it really is a thriller about revenge. and you have to give it to steven because he's the hardest working man in hollywood. he not only directed the plea view and also shot the -- movie but also shot the movie under his name and also edited the movie. >> still has the artful sense like "traffic" did didn't it? >> it's a little less thoughtful than "traffic" and the social commentary is not as thickly laid like it was in "traffic." but it's got enough twists, it's a curvy road in riviera. >> good advice. >> thank you so much. rooney mara is going to win the oscar when she does a comedy. thank you for watching wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and happy friday. we have a long list of closings and delays and they're adding up quickly. >> monika will be back in a alment with timesaver traffic.


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